maandag 9 februari 2015

bericht van Cristi

Hello Mr. Maarten ,

Thank you for the seeds you have sent. They are amassing good and people have been asking us for the seeds for a few weeks by now. ​

 On Saturday I went to a village near to us : POIANA and I found a lot of pore people again .

We helped a lot of children with clothes from you and it was great for them all. But I did not make any pictures at all.

 I went with someone from the village and visited them all  and talked to them and prayed for them and gave them clothes from you .  I also gave money to a sick man who is breathing with a machine and he is so sick  he will soon die.

But I plan to take camera with me and go again and give them all seeds and will send you pictures .

 Thank you so much ,


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