vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Een bericht van Cristi, gezin in moeilijkheden.

​Hello Mr. Maarten ,

Sorry for the delay. I have a headache and I did not make the message.

 Story is like this:

Mother is 41 years old. And she has  9 children. But most of them are old. The older daughter is more like 22 years old and she is staying with a man  somewhere close, and she has 3 children with him. But from time to time they have a fight and he sends her away to her mother with the children too. So that is how she comes back to her mother in this room with 3 more children .

So in total in that room can stay for a few nights 13 people.

 The smallest one is the girl that you see . She is 2 years old , then there is a boy  who is 4 and he did not want me to make him a picture at all. And then the boys tat you see helping . 3 older children are in Drohoi at a state orphanage. So she has home only 5 at this moment.

1. daughter of 2
2. boy of 4
3. boy of 12
4. boy of 14
5. girl of 20 year
6. Dorohoi
7. Dorohoi
8. Dorohoi
9. woman married with 3 more children

So the situation s bad, but she is not doing anything too.

I would like to  help them with 2 main things:

1. a proper toilet.
2. concrete around the house because it is a lot of dirt in the house and everywhere.
3. help them as much as I can with food and clothes from time to time.

This is what I  think it can be done for now.

I have some films that I will send you in a few minutes.

Thank you and if you think of something else, please let me know.

 Thank you , Cristi

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  1. Sometimes i have dream that i could take away the poverty with puss of a button,but it remains a dream ,the only thing i can do is to pray for the situasion and hope it gets better ever