donderdag 29 mei 2014

Werken aan de snelweg

Romania’s National Company for Highways (CNADNR) is currently looking for a constructor to finish the 60-kilometer section between Suplacu de Barcau and Bors, which is part of the Transilvania highway.

The section was 50 percent built by American group Bechtel. In order to have it finished, CNADNR is willing to pay up to EUR 333 million, VAT included, according to an announcement it published yesterday. Contractors who are interested in this project can submit their offers by July 9. The completion time is 54 months from the date the contract will be signed.

Work on this highway segment started in 2007 as part of the Transilvania project which was supposed to be built by Bechtel. The EUR 2.2 billion contract to build the 415 kilometers highway between Brasov and Bors was approved by the Romanian state in 2003.

The contract was modified several times and in 2013 it was canceled. Bechtel only finished 52 kilometers, which is 12.5 percent of the highway, but cashed in over EUR 1.2 billion from the Romania state.

woensdag 28 mei 2014

Varkens project in Breaza.

Hallo Maarten ,

At the moment we have 28 pigs in the program, witch will be raised until December, from them 12 will be soled and the money will be given to the foundation. All this pigs are raised bye 8 persons. There are signs for other 4 persons too, but they don’t have yet the pigs(...they are unsure). With every person we have signed a contract. 

The foundation, as one-part obligations:
-gives the meal for raising the pigs, for every pig 700 kg oatmeal;
- occasionally checking the development of the pigs.

The willing, as the other part obligations are;
- to buy the 10-12 week or older  pigs and to raise one for him selves and one                           for the foundation;
- to raise the pigs until December;
the money witch comes from selling the pigs (1 lei under the market price, for example; if     the market price will be 10lei/kg than he pays 9 lei/kg)they will pass  to the foundation.

Hope is understandable!

Kind regards!

Csaba and Imola

dinsdag 20 mei 2014

kantoor meubelen naar Alba

Dear Mr. Maarten,
I just transferred to you some pictures with the office furniture you sent us in October 2013. Starting with January 2014, we shared it in all our offices from the new location. As you can see in the pictures, each piece of furniture found a place and it is highly useful.
I hope that in September you will have the time to visit our new building and some other centers, any one you will choose and like to see.
Thank you very much for this gift, to you and to all volunteers which worked for this. I have seen the pictures and I know that it was not easy to dismantle and load the heavy furniture from the bank so we – the people from the offices – are very grateful to you all.
I wish you all, all the best!

hier de link naar meer foto's

woensdag 7 mei 2014

Bericht van Phoneo

Paaspakketten 2014

Heel hartelijk dank voor de 550 pakketten die we in april van u mochten ontvangen.
Het waren weer prachtige pakketten met fijne producten waar we veel mensen een hart mee onder de riem konden steken.
150 pakketten hebben we net als anders mogen doorgeven aan de Hongaarse baptistengemeente die werkt onder de Hongaarse Roma in Apalina en aan Stichting ICA  Targu Mures.

Als stichting Phoneo hebben wij pakketten uitgedeeld in Reghin, speciaal in de wijken Muncitorilor, Curte en Apalina en in de dorpen Petelea, Batos, Uila, Ideci, Brancovanesti en Breaza. De gezinnen in deze gemeenschappen leven in armoedige omstandigheden, soms met tot wel 6 kinderen in kleine éénkamerwoninkjes. Aan de meest basale voedselproducten ontbreekt het regelmatig en het is zeker geen uitzondering als kinderen pas laat op de dag voor het eerst iets te eten hebben.

Alle mensen die onze wijkgroepen bezoeken en alle gezinnen die vallen onder ons voedselhulpprogramma (de allerarmsten) konden we een doos aanbieden en daarnaast ook verschillende andere gezinnen in moeilijke omstandigheden van wiens situaties we wisten.
De verdeling ging erg makkelijk mede als gevolg van het handzame formaat van de dozen!

Nogmaals heel hartelijk dank!

maandag 5 mei 2014

Laatste vracht naar Alba

Vandaag foto's en een bericht ontvangen van het uitladen in Alba Iulia

Dear Mr. Maarten,
I just sent you the pictures for the unloading of the last two trucks: it is amazing what a huge quantity of goods fitted in. I have no words to describe how appreciate these goods are and how useful will be in all our centers. As a matter fact, we already loaded and sent 6 double cribs to one of our partners, Dumbrava Monastery. This monastery has a home in which lives 80 orphan children and 33 old people. Due to the fact that the nouns are doing a great job there, my General Manager decided to send them the cribs and 18 school tables and chairs.

You sent us so many things that I couldn't even count its, I hope to have a car today to go on the warehouses and count its and to send you the correct list.
Everything you sent will find a good destination here: for instance, I understand that other people don't want old type TV (only the flat screen type) but we already have a lot of requests from our children homes for all the TV sets you sent. The beautiful electrical piano is in the church of Galda and it will be used during religious service. (Still, I am not very happy with this because there are a lot of good schools around which would like to have one piano, but ... it is not my decision.)
And of course, the 12 hospital beds and all the mattresses are the most important things from the trucks, and step by step, we will send its to the centers where are needed.
As I said, there are no words to express our appreciation for the  above mentioned goods. What I want to say is that, AGAIN, your volunteers made a great impression to everybody here: they worked a lot, together with our people for unloading the goods, and they show a lot of understanding for the beneficiaries, for my colleagues and ...  shake a lot of hands. Our beneficiaries, in spite of their hard mental disease, understood that your volunteers are the people who bring them so many gifts and show them a lot of warm feelings - as much as they can express. I let a picture with Chris receiving a hug from one patient: you know that I am not allowed to send this picture, but I consider that this hug is a symbol of the warm feelings that your volunteers raised in our peoples' hearts. I am sure that, if our beneficiaries could speak with your volunteers their message will be: "Thank you to you all, for all the good quality things you sent, for the confidence that there is somebody abroad who really cares about us, and more, thank you for the love you sent us together with each thing loaded in each truck!"
May God bless you all and may God give us the wisdom to properly use the goods you sent!
Best regards,

hier de link naar meer foto's

zaterdag 3 mei 2014

Bericht van Pieter Nagel uit Minis

Pieter Nagel heeft een album met je gedeeld.
Hier zijn de foto's van het uitdelen van de paaspakketten. Wij willen de mensen van de stichting promotie heel hartelijk danken voor hun inzet en hun liefde voor de arme mensen van Roemenië. Het is zo een grote vreugde voor de mensen. En het is erg genoeg nog zo hard nodig. Ze hebben echt gebrek aan alles zelfs aan de meest simpele basisproducten. Dank jullie wel en ik hoop van harte dat dit voor jullie ook mogelijk blijft om te blijven doen.

Met een liefdevolle groet van ons hier in Minis. Pieter...

hier de link naar meer foto's

donderdag 1 mei 2014


Regina in Ticau heeft ook de pakketten kunnen verdelen.