vrijdag 19 februari 2016

Lossen in Galda de Jos

Dear Mr. Maarten,

Thank you for the goods from last truck: it is wonderful to see that you remained our friends and continue to send to our beneficiaries exactly the things they mostly need. Hospital beds  are first priority for us, and these last you sent are perfect!  And being in such good condition, with lifting system, the beds were also extremely heavy. But the mayor of Galda lent  us an excavator and the unloading was finished in 3 hours. We can use everything you sent: chairs, TV sets, massage tables, refrigerators and the beautiful couches and armchairs!
And our beneficiaries loooves the biscuits!
During unloading we made jokes referring to the special bathtub you sent: people first said that for sure that is a Ferrari! See, the door is opening exactly like on a Ferrari car! Then, we called the smart guys to explain how is functioning, (you saw the pictures with the two managers talking passionately near the tub).  Becoming normal: this is the most modern and the best tub our institution ever had in endowment, and we must send you a big Thank you! for this.
But, in the end, I have to tell you that something strange is happening with your trucks: each time when your trucks are leaving one of our center, somebody feels the need to run after the truck! Usually is one of you, but this time was Marius! He is my manager, but I couldn’t help to laugh seeing him running so determinately after the truck! Again, becoming normal: Siem and Garrit used the other descent to go down in the street, and Marius wants to be sure that they safely exit in the road. Everything was OK, so it seems that this will be the solution, for the future, to avoid the turn over maneuvers of the truck.
The competition “The best driver of Holland” has now 2 winners: Siem and Garrit. We are expecting Charles to come in Romania and win again this title!

I apologize for sending you a message with many jokes, but each time when I am with you – the volunteers from Promotie – I feel very good because I feel the joy and light from your soul. And I smile with you … I smile together with all the people that are receiving pieces of joy and illumination from your souls and from your work.
In the end I have to say that the short message of this long message is, like always was:
Thank you for everything you sent us and may God bless you and your families!


donderdag 4 februari 2016

Lossen in Breaza

De eerste vracht is op de bestemming zie het bericht op onderstaand blog.


Hier de link naar de foto's