maandag 14 september 2015

Een impressie van het lossen in Botosani

Gerard en Jan hebben in september gelost in Botosani.

hier de link naar foto's

Bericht van Nicoleta uit Abrud

Dear Mr. Maarten,
we all were very happy to receive the goods from your last truck. All the load was with very useful things; and the racks look even better for real than in the pictures you previously sent me. Due to the fact that the racks are dismantled it will be easy for us to shared its among our centers. And this is great, because you know how difficult has been for us to share your goods with our almost not-existing transport capacity.. And, as you know, we have a lot of warehouses in all our centers, bu we never received budget to replace the old racks. Now, thanks to you all, we will have new ones ... and a lot of other useful things. 

Avowedly, we all know that we are lucky that we met you - the volunteers of Promotie. With your help, a big part of our centers have now new endowments, things that improved the life of the beneficiaries and more, things that improved the work condition of care personnel.You and your colleagues visited us from time to time, but I am not sure that you could understand the difference between "before and after Promotie". You only saw pictures with old endowments but you could not feel the smell from the indoors, the desperation of the beneficiaries and the indolence of personnel. Now, the mattresses are almost new and smell good, the furniture is strong, the general atmosphere of the indoor spaces looks great and people (beneficiaries and personnel) started a new life with your help. And with your work.
There are no words to describe how grateful we all are for your help.
All I can say is "Thank you to you all! " and I am sure that God will reward all your efforts and your good hearts 


vrijdag 4 september 2015

Dankzij de inspanningen van velen mooie resultaten in Getz.

Eutichos report - 2015

Captivating and motivating is what Jesus told to his disciples: " “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Lk 18,16. There is something in our humanity which keeps us closer to God when we are at a fresh age: although we are stained with sin from our birth, our desire for connection, for God is deeper as a child. Our duty is to build on this desire, deep longing: to show God for our children as the fountain-head of human desires, the main connection we need. 
Our new school-year brought us new challenges: one of our staff left and three new joined the team: Balogh Tünde, the evangelization teacher was offered a new job at the local school, so she left. Kocsis Tünde, Zsisku Gabriella and Szilágyi Barna joined. Kocsis is a psychologist, Zsisku is a social worker and Szilágyi came as a volunteer for only one year before he left for starting his high school training. 
A new challenge was to embrace a new group of kids, so the number of registered pupils has raised to almost 100, 97 more exactly. This kids were organized in six groups with the ten member team supervising them. 
We have started this year with a great team of teachers, most of them being with us from the beginning and certain ones joining us this year. We are grateful and honored to work with them, and although some of them lack any kind of professional education, they are still effective in the work. We deeply believe God is able to surpass our own abilities if we have the right motivation and He prepares us to share the gospel of His love in a simple and yet successful way.