vrijdag 13 januari 2017

Een ontroerend verhaal van Cristi

Dear Mr Maarten, 

Hope you and family are all fine, please send our greetings from Alina and all of us to Jannie. Hope you are all fine and happy. 

Hope also that you had a good time at the end of the year and it was a good family time. 

We had a good time too. We had a lot of work and much to do, but it was great too. 

This year we did not had any visitors from the previous years. 

But we had the following :

1.  We had only my sister in law from England with her daughter and she came  with us to many projects. 
2. Husband and Wife  Romanians who live in England for 19 years came to be with us in most of the projects. and their sister too . 
3. Youth from my church and 2 Pastors from my church . 

So all these projects we did with them all. To my opinion it was the slowest and the longest project ever made at Christmas. But on the other side it was most touching the hearts of people .   

On one side we had people who we visited and prayed and gave them gifts and we talk to them and they cried a lot and it was very emotional and very touching.   But from our group too . We had many youth who came along and we saw a real impact on them and I did not expect that .   I thought that Romanian kids are used to the  hard life here in our country , but I was so wrong because they came and saw houses and families with no food , no heating parents who are worried because they can not care for their children . So it was a big impact on my church too. 

Let me tell you about Matt. Mat is a boy who is 15 years old. His father died 10 or 9 years ago in Italy while he was trying to save a Italian child who was drawing in a lake. It was a Sunday afternoon that his dad died and Mattias  and his sister does remember a little bit of him. Not much at all.    Latter the  mother got married to another man. In 2016 they all came from Italy back joined our church.   This is how Mattias ended to visit with us in villages to pore families.  His first families to see were the ones in Hiliseu Horia. We did the usual,  see every family, talk to them a bit ask them how life is , what is most difficult for them , how are the authorities involved and so on. We saw all he families from there one by one. We saw small children , babies in filthy clothes , no food around , many rooms were cold because no wood to make fire. kids were dirty and some wit bare foot. We prayed for them , sang them a few carols, talk to them from the Bible and give them good advice , give them gifts from you and from England for children. Visited more families in the villages and  saw more families in needs. Families with 11 children , father alcoholic and making a fight with all his neighbors, broken houses and so on. you know the situation. 
Well on the way back home Mattias was in the car with his uncle and his cousin. He said that he has been saving some money that he wants to buy a PlayStation. He had 150 lei. He has been working with his uncle painting rooms and other staff  for a PlayStation. Well on the way back he said he does not want to PlayStation anymore. He would like to give his money to one of the families he saw that day. I was in tears when I heard this . 

How can a 15 years boy who is saving for a game to give up his dream to play with his friends on a new PlayStation give that up?  He was touched by need, by hunger, by children with little clothes, with desperate parents and old people. I was really impressed . What will it take me to give up my "150 lei "?  

God bless mr. Maarten and thank you and your big team  for helping so many people and so many families.