woensdag 26 februari 2014

Bericht uit Alba

Charles en Peter hebben vandaag gelost in Galda de Jos en zijn weer op de terugweg, onderstaand de reactie van Nicoleta.

Dear Mr. Maarten,
as usually, you sent us the highest quality: both for the goods and for the people that bring these goods. Charles and Peter were a pleasant company, they treated our beneficiaries with compassion and understanding (and shake a lot of hands). I regretted that they cannot stay for a short visit in the center, but I manage to show them two examples about how we are using your donation: the 30 school tables and 40 chairs you sent in September did not arrived to a school (as I assumed in one of my previous mail) but these are very useful for serving meals to our beneficiaries in Galda which are too ill or too week to go down, in the dining room. The tables are very narrow, so we put them on our halls, and in this way we have a place to serve meals and enough space remaining on the halls for people, for drugs or food carriages. Our beneficiaries no longer serves food in the rooms, only the ones completely immobilized in beds.
The second example is the new chapel of the center: first, we put in the chapel the 40 chairs above mentioned. Then, we need its on the halls, so we remove its from the chapel. Then we received wonderful 159 chairs from you (in December 14, last year), so we put 30 of these chairs in the chapel, and also on the ceiling you will see two dutch chandeliers (I transferred you today the pictures with transfer.ro, I hope you receive its). The chapel looks perfect now.

We are receiving goods from you for almost two years and I am still amazed about the huge work and huge goodwill that are behind these donation. Nobody from Romania or abroad are doing such a great thing for us or for anybody else. I am aware that we cannot reward you in anyway, so, at least, I want to make you understand how much you helped us. And for me is easier to do this if all the volunteers will come here to visit us and to see with their eyes how much the life of our beneficiaries is changing with your help.
Thank you for everything to you all!  Hier de link naar meer foto's


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