zondag 2 februari 2014

Verzoek om hulp uit Tinca, woensdag gaan we bedden etc. laden voor dit project.

Peniel" Tinca Christian Association was founded in 2008 and deals with homeless elderly, cancer terminally illness, morphine addictions, schizophrenia and Alzheimer. People hosted at the "Peniel" House were homeless, having no one to help or having a family who can no longer take care of them as they need professional care. At the moment we are taking care of 47 people, 39 of whom being bedridden. Many of them are in terminal stages of cancer, using diapers, with multiple sclerosis, uterine tumors, and others with stroke and paralysis, loss of speech, physically handicapped (one leg or both legs missing) or Down syndrome. Our Association provides housing, food, personal care and medical wards cleaning, rooms, beds and baths cleaning, and most people hosted here are social cases (homeless people, elderly). At now “Peniel” Tinca Center is fully occupied and therefore we want to start running a second care facility in a neighbor village, Cociuba Mare. The building is already finished and the ground floor is completed with bathrooms, radiators, showers, toilets, but we still need beds, nightstands, mattresses, wardrobes and TV sets. Therefore we attach some pictures presenting what we have done so far as well the pictures of the building in Cociuba Mare, where all the things mentioned above are needed in order to accommodate many other marginalized and abandoned people.
We thank you for opening your hearts to help us in our work and we are honored to know that you are close to us and take part in helping those in need. We are impressed that you choose to be a blessing for others and choose to sacrifice while most people worry about tomorrow. This gives us the courage to move forward.
Our words are too poor to show our gratitude for what you are doing, but we know that God will reward your work in love and will bless all who have contributed. These offerings will go to the beneficiaries of the "Peniel" Tinca Elderly Centre. We need you to keep being with us and we want to work together in the future. We greet you all and pray that God will take care for you in everything and give you His holy peace and joy .

God bless you !
Sincerely grateful,
President Mircea Badea and the Peniel Team

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