donderdag 30 januari 2014

Er gebeuren mooie dingen in Botosani

Cristian Dumbraveanu
09:14 (3 uur geleden)
aan mij
Hello Mr. Maarten, 

Greetings from a very cold Botosani. 

it is -15 now and tonight it will be -22. 

 1. Nice to let you know that some charity from Austria, gave me some salary. 

It is a man that I have never met, a romanian and I never spoke to him. But he gave me like 500 kg of salary.

2. a man from my church had a small factory to make bread. He heard about the program we have and now he gives me 20 breads every Thursday for pore people again. 

So Now we give on Thursday :  
1.  Sultana and clothes and some rice  from you 
2. Milk from the charity in Suceava
3. Salami from the charity in Austria
4. Bread from the man in my church 

This is amassing and I am really surprised about this . It was not me planing , but all of this came together. 

Thank you for your support in all this. 

I could never do this without your help. 

Very cold greetings from here  Cristi . :-)   

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