maandag 27 januari 2014

Het is nu echt winter in Roemenie

Misschien moeten we onze plannen wel bijstellen en de transporten uitstellen,we zullen het weer goed in de gaten houden.

Twee berichten van Cristi en foto's van Imola.

Hello Mr. Maarten ,
Just want to tell you that we have almost the same situation like last year when you were here. It was -13 today and on Saturday it was a lot of wind and a lot of roads blocked . Braila and a lot of villages from Vaslui are shut and there is no way to go to other cities. It looks like it will be like that this week.

 Glad you are not traveling because it can be quite hard. I think you have last year memories .

 Hope you have a good time and not too cold in your area.

At Casa Ioana, I put a lot of the fire and I can not make the hot water more then 60 C in the boiler. When it is 55 then heating stops. But tomorrow I will clean the heater and clean the smoke filters and hope to be better.

 Anyhow outside insulation of the building made true wanders for the heating.

 Thanks so much for everything.

Stay warm, Cristi

Tweede bericht van Cristi 

34 roads totally blocked
Schools closed in 26 districts
200 people blocked in their cars and stay in the the could
13 people dead so far
Wind is blowing with 80 km/hour

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