donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Bericht van Nicoleta

Dear Mr. Maarten,
Thank you for the 5th truck sent to us on this year. You sent us a lot of useful things that our centers really need it. For instance, the refrigerators are so much need it that all the centers started the World War III to obtain its. This is due to the fact that the Romanian government issued in 2009 a law that cuts all the budgets for long term use goods like: refrigerators and freezers, all kinds of furniture, computers, wash machines. We could only repair what we had at that moment (in 2009) and you can imagine that is impossible to repair a wash machine or a TV set for numberless times.
Also the mattresses used for our beneficiaries (most of them with major handicap) were in very bad condition but, thanks to you, we replaced a lot of old mattresses. In spite of the fact that you sent us a lot of good mattresses I could say that, for the future, this will remain our first necessity.
And TV sets: I gave the TV sets you sent until now to the homes with children, (because all our homes had only one TV each one, and children are on different ages and would like to watch different shows on TV) but starting with the 5 TV sets from the yesterday truck, I will give its to the old people homes, for their living rooms or even for the rooms with patients.
The 93 chairs are also in good condition and will be shared between the 10 centers from Abrud area, maybe you will have the time to visit its during the trip from September. There are 4 homes with children, 5 homes with old people and the big center with 80 people.
Thanks to the last 3 trucks you sent to us, they are now endowed with a lot of useful things that were missing: mattresses, chairs, tables, cabinets, TV sets. And they eat a lot of biscuits and never saturate of its.
Also, on the big center, we organized two rooms for the guests, completely furnished with couches, armchairs and wardrobes from you. People that will come for visits (including the terrible controllers that are controlling my institution all the time) will have a nice place to rest.
Charles brought a big screen TV purchased by himself: I think it is the first flat screen TV  my institution ever received so we have to think a little to what home will be given. Charles said that he would like to give this TV to a home with children, therefore we will have to discuss here and choose the house with good children that will deserve this absolutely special gift. I have to say that Charles is not only a handsome man with a wonderful black Nissan, but also a man with a big soul that really cares about our people. I am saying this because he visited us many times and each time he shows a lot of love and care for our patients and, more, a lot of understanding for their situation. And all these in a very discreet way. As a matter fact, I think I must repeat last sentences for all of Promotie volunteers, because all of you show us a behavior that we never met on our nationals. And the word “behavior” could contain: civilization, love, help – a lot of help. And for me, personally, it is great to work with you.
I thank to you all for everything!
May God bless you all!
P.S.: I think we have an absolute winner for the category "who's parking the fast the truck in Abrud's backyard" and this is Sim: he parked the truck in 3 minutes. My colleague told me that she didn't have the time to call the police to stop the circulation on the street, and the truck was in the yard. I think nobody could beat the 3 minutes record.

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