zondag 12 juli 2015

Bericht van Nicoleta uit Alba Iulia

Dear Mr. Maarten,

Thank you for the last truck, you sent us a lot of useful things. We, the centers of the state, have a lot of storage spaces but the racks are so old and broken, so the wood and metal racks you sent will be shared by Abrud center and the homes around. Also the locker-rooms look so modern for us, therefore will be immediately mounted in the personnel room in Abrud center. And all the furniture loaded is very welcomed, you know that we always need furniture in our centers, because these centers are rather crowded, patients are with major handicap, so the furniture is damaged often. 

What impressed me a lot this time is the personal note of the furniture: everything seems to have a story, to come from a home directly to our beneficiaries, like a special gift from a Dutch family to poor Romanian people.

For me, the special gift was the fact that I spent few wonderful hours with two wonderful people: Rob and Charles. We discussed together, we laugh, Charles discussed with his “new family” from Abrud center (you saw the deaf-mute boy in the pictures, and it seems that Charles has a new fan – a girl that is twenty years old but her mind is no more than two years old. She appreciates any sign of attention she could receive and Charles is large-handed with this gestures, he likes to shake hands and to speak (in Dutch of course) with everybody, so … he has a new fan in Abrud).
Charles found an old frame in the yard and Rob come with the idea to take “pictures”: you saw the “framed” photos, I sent to you. I look in the camera to see how I look in that pictures and I exclaimed: “Oh boy, my hat stays like I am drunk!” and Charles answered: “Romania is a strange country, I drink palinka and the lady beside my gets drunk!”.  My revenge was to take two real pictures with Charles walking behind the truck: the image is like Rob left him to walk until Holland. These are the last pictures I sent; I hope you loaded it on your blog.

In the end, I could say that again, the goods Promotie sent us this time, brought happiness to everybody, in different ways, so please send my big Thank you! to all the volunteers.

May God bless you all!

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