donderdag 7 mei 2015

Weer een vracht naar Abrud

Dear Mr. Maarten,
after each loading we receive from you, I feel the need to express my gratitude. And usually, this is happening in many words, because there are many things for what I have to say “Thank you!”. This time, the loading was so perfect for our needs that I think I simply have to say: 
“Dear friends from PROMOTIE, with your help, we manage to transform many of our centers in the best furnished centers from entire Romania. With your help and your big efforts, most our beneficiaries have now good mattresses, new beds, a lot of other good furniture, and a huge improvement of living condition. And useful home appliances, and tasty biscuits. I’ve seen pictures with you working for our beneficiaries, for the unknown poor people from Romania. I know that it was not easy for you but I also know that the motivation for all these welfare action is simply in your souls. How could we reward all these? With a thank you note and few pictures? I don’t think we could ever recompense your help. Therefore, I am turning my thoughts to God and I am sure that he knows your souls and also he knows the happiness you brought in the souls of poor Romanian people. And he will reward you and your family related with His goodwill and your good facts!”
Thank you for everything!


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