donderdag 3 april 2014

Bedankt voor de wooncontainers.

Dear Mr. Maarten,

 Thank you so much for the containers you have brought for the 2 families.

I have visited them yesterday and took a man with me to connect electricity to the lady with the 2 children. I was nice impressed that it was clean and worm inside and on a side the 2 children were playing with some toys. I lived that.  Please receive thank you from this family for this great help.

 The other family in the village were also nice and happy to see me. I liked that this time again neighbors  children were visiting too. They have no electric , but again it was warm and they were cooking some beans on the stove.  It was clean inside and they keep it like that.

 Please extend "Thank you " to your team and to many people who made this possible.
Great help for the families and mostly for the children.

I am also pleased that they live like people and there is no danger of the house falling on them.

 God bless and   all the best in all your activities .

 Cristi and Alina

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