vrijdag 18 april 2014

Bericht van Cristi met interessante foto's

Hello Mr Maarten , 

 Hope you are fine and  your family are all ok. 

 We are very busy here and the team from germany is working hard on the job. I am surprised that they do so much and they are so serious with the job . 

The house is a mess at the moment and it is like crazy with so many people here and it is really a lot. But they are all fine and nice and have a good time with them . Most of them are Americans and some from Holland and from Sweden and Norway, and I think only 4 Germans .  So it  is ia very mixed team . But they work fine together and have fun too and got close to children . 

In the morning they have breakfast at 8:30 and  then work.  I stay with them and do all the shopping ( big lists , for food and for materials) but after lunch I take a team  with me to villages and give packets to people . We come back around  6 or 7  and then dinner and  after that ages and  songs until 11.   So it is nice for all of them and all of us. 

Today we have visited Ungureni , so I have seen Elena and Ana.   They were all home and it was nice to see them again . House is the same, conditions the same. But as soon as I arrived  a lot for people came and I gave them all packets because they are all very pore. 

Tomorrow I go again to Hiliseu Horia and will have another full day . 

I am sending you a picture of Elena and kids. 

 and a link to picasa where I put the pictures. 

 Dear Mr. Maarten , Thank you so much for all these nice pakets and for helping the people in our area  again.   It is a true blessing and a very big help for families before Easter. 

 Thank you so much in the names of all the families, 

 yours :


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