donderdag 23 oktober 2014

e-mail van Cristi uit Botosani

Cristian Dumbraveanu

11:33 (52 minuten geleden)

Thank you so much for the transport you have sent to us. 

Deze twee kinderen wonen met hun oma in de container die we in maart gebracht hebben. 
Thank you for making a lot of efforts for the people in our area and for our orphanage. 
Truck came yesterday before 12 am. and by 3 P.M. they were gone already. We had a big team of children to unload and we finished in less then 3 hours. 

It was nice to see Joan again and also to meet Nico for the first time.  They are nice guys. 

 Alina sorted all the goods you have sent and they are now i the ware house. I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH  for everything you have sent us here. Is is great stuff and we will help a lot of people with that. 

 We already gave some soy and hack to the people who come on Thursday morning for milk. 

So on behalf of all the people who will benefit from this , and on behalf of the children from orphanage I say Thank you to you and your team and everyone who made this possible. 

 I will upload pictures on Picassa and send you links as we deliver the goods. 

 Thank you so much , Cristi 

hier nog een paar foto's

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