zondag 19 oktober 2014

Nicoleta nieuw centrum

Dear Mr. Maarten,

As you already know, my institution opened a new center in Baia de Aries. This center was built from the ground in one year, with money from the EU - 900 000 Euro (and about 80 000 Euro our contribution). It is for 50 people with mental disabilities and we started to transfer beneficiaries from Galda center:
during September 2014 we transferred groups of 10 people in order for them and for the new hired personnel to get used one with each other. 
It is our most modern center, built at european standards, but still the budget did not allowed us to buy all the endowment to the highest level. And again, the donation you are sending us, helped us a lot: the budget for beds and mattresses was only 89 Euro/item. Since we had good quality mattresses from you, we used entire amount of 89 euro for buying solid nice beds. The pictures with the trailer loaded with mattresses are from one transport for the new center. We transferred 50 Relaxa mattresses and 6 plastic ones (for the possible cases of patients with incontinence). You could also see 2 stainless steel tables (one in the kitchen and the other one with wheels for serving dinner) and an wheels armchair received from you. Step by step, all the goods received from you are finding the right place in helping our beneficiaries  So, thank you again for your help and for all the efforts that you and all volunteers are making for us.
I am sending you the pictures with new center from Baia de Aries and we are expecting you all to come and visit us.

All the best!


hier de link naar de foto's

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