dinsdag 28 oktober 2014

Vraag van Cristi

Dear Mr. Maarten,

Hope you are ok and so is family and your team too.

I am a bit busy with the fountain. It makes too much sand from the deep and that is blocking the filters a lot. So tomorrow I will have the pump 20 more meters down. So it will be at 100 meters. Hope this will solve the problem.

 But the reason I am writing to you is to ask you if you have any shoe boxes with gifts for children. I know I have received a few from you  in the past but I need a bit more if it is possible.

 I will explain you why.

 First project :  We can go to 2 schools in villages here and take the youth from my church and make a kind of a small concert with carols singing.

 I can take a group of 25 youth from the church and we will go in 2 villages and we will sing for like 20 minutes and then I will take my pastor if he is free , or I will talk a for minutes , like 10 or less and tell them what Christmas is about. Then we can give gifts to the small children , the ones under 14 years of age.

 I have this on my heart for like 1 week or more and maybe it is a good project to show them the Gospel and tell the children about Christ. We can gather the whole school and the teachers and the director , and the mayor and we can do this.

Second project:   Also I can talk to the school director and ask them to tell me what are the poorest families in the village and then we can have a second meeting in the school sport court and this time we do the same but with pore families.

Third project:   I would like to do the same but for the old people azilum that I took you in the village. For this project I involve the children from Casa Ioana and  I plan to take all of them and they will make some nice cards for them and we will sing and also talk a bit about Christmas meaning.

Benefit of this :

1.  Help pore children
2. Help pore families
3. Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.
4. Bring joy to quite a few of families and children and old people that are alone.

 So last year I had Christmas shoe  boxes from the Austrian church. But this year they do not respond. I do not know what is happening.

So if you know any charities who do this , it would be great if we can get some . I know I am asking a lot. But maybe you have the info and you can help me pointing me to the right direction.

There is a small church in Ziudwolde that sends me like 60 boxes every year, but I need 10 times more.

 When you have some time , please tell me what do you think about this.

 Thanks so much for everything,

 Cristi and Alina and all 20 children we have .

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