zondag 21 december 2014

Bericht van Cristi

Dear Mr. Maarten, 

 Thank you  so much for all the food packets you have sent to us. They are absolutely great. And I mean that with all my heart. I think they are by far the best packages we have ever received from anyone ever.  Thank you so much for that. It will be amazing help for the people in the area. Alina made a calculation for each package would cost here and we came to the price of around 50 EURO each. When I saw the list I could not believe, so I decided to make it again. To my surprise, this was the price we would pay to buy all the things from that packet here. So I am really impressed. 

Thank you and your big team and all the sponsors and all the people who invested in this amassing project. I know that this year a lot of families will be happy and will say a prayer for those who made this possible. 

Let me tell you a bit about all our plans. 

1. Deliver of the food packets . We have started that with the people who come for food on Thursday. We have given them all a package. They did expect something for Christmas, but never crossed their mind that it would be such a nice present. I was really impressed with a lady. We have now 19 families who come for food every Thursday. 3 weeks ago this lady came for the first time and she was pregnant in her last month for a baby. She came really hard and we gave her milk and biscuits and rice from you. Next week on Tuesday she gave birth to a baby. 2 days latter she was released from hospital and came with the baby home. And in the same day she was released she came for food to our place. I was surprised because she was not too healthy for a walk to our place and she had a 2 days baby home. But she came because she did not have anything else. I was so touched by this that next day I have asked someone to go and deliver her more food for a week. ( I was in bed with my leg problem)  yesterday she came again and I though that I would make some pictures and tell you the story. She  is 35 years old and has 6 children. She lives  with her 6 children in one room in her mother small house. This shows how much food is lacking from families and what they would go to get it. 

On Wednesday  we have a group of 7  youth from a church in Austria. They will stay for 1 week. They will help us deliver the food packets to people and I will make pictures and upload them on Picasa and send them to you. 

2. Thank you so much for the  gifts you have sent. We have made them in paper and they look great. Monday we will take the whole choir for our church and go to Trusesti. There is a state orphanage there with 80 children. We rented the sport big hall and we invited the teachers and the staff of the orphanage and we will sing to them , my pastor will preach a bit and then we will give them the gifts and to the pore people the food packets. I expect to go there around 40 of us. I will also take all the children from Casa Ioana and we will try to make friends with them and a connection. I will make pictures and send them to you . 

3. On Friday 26 December we will go to feed homeless people and the ones who eat from garbage. This action is done with my church together. We will give to the families from our church some food special plates and families will cook at home and then on Friday at 1 or 2 pm we will meet and gather all the food , will go by cars to deliver to all the persons we help. We expect to make between 70 -100 food meals. This action will be done by the church we as a charity will direct all the logistics. 

4. On Saturday 27 December we will go to a very poor village and gather most of the children in a local church there  and sing to them , say a few words about the birth of Christ and then give them gifts that we have from you. I expect there to be around 100 children at least. I will mark pictures and send them to you . 

5. On Sunday 28 December. We will go to meet with the people from the Blind Association and The Jewish Community.  I think you remember Rabin Joseph. Well at 2 P.m. We will met at the Jewish Community Center where there is a room of 150 people. We will help 50 families of bling people with food packets and there will be like 40 children who will receive gifts from you.  In the same meeting we will give to 18 families of Jewish food packets from you also. At the meeting we will have a gain the choir from my church ( 30 persons) and my pastor preaching and the children from Casa Ioana and the team from Austria. 

 Well this is the plan for now. We will try very much to make it all. 

My leg is still a problem and it is slowing me down a lot. 

 Thank you so much for all your support. We could not have done anything if it was not for you and your big team from Holland. 

Merry Christmas 


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