dinsdag 30 april 2013

Bericht Botosani zie vooral de foto's

Cristian Dumbraveanu
28 apr. (2 dagen geleden)
aan mij
Hello Mr Maarten, 

That is such a long message you have made. With lots of information and a lot of details. I am sure people are  happy to receive your raport. 

I  have uploaded some more pictures on picassa and here is the link .

Some of them I need to take down , but will do that tomorrow. 

I  have found some more poor families and in problems. But that I will show you next time you come. I will make a  a day trip and show you some more "clients" 

I believe you are out of Romania by now , or you will leave tomorrow. 

Hope you had a nice stay and a good time in Romani. I know it is very busy, but I believe that busy is good. At least for me is like that. I rather stay busy then do nothing. 

Greetings to your wife and 

All the best from us.


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