donderdag 4 april 2013

Nog een vervolg

Dear Mr. Maarten,
this was only a short variant of the story: it happened many things last evening, one of them really funny. For instance, during our short dinner, before downloading the truck, we had a lot of noise from the police car. For no reason, the police officer felt the need to defilate 3 times arround the center with the light and signals on. And it was after 10 in the evening! We laughed and supposed that he is simply proud to have a dutch truck in his town, and in his shift (because there are only 5-6 policemans in Abrud, two on each shift).
And another story: Mr. Gerben and Mr. Ljibbe forget that they passed the border of Holland and their clocks were setted on Holland time. They asked one of my colleague to wake them up at 5 in the morning and since my colleagues function by Romanian time (with one hour in advance) guess who was awake at 4 a.m. and hurry to the truck?
That's it! This is how it's happening when you are on the road, you could meet funny or bad things, good or bad people.
I am sure that they will have more to tell you, but I have to stop writting now, otherway I will finish by writting a short novel, I will publish it and then, I will be forced to pay author rights to Mr. Gerben and Mr. Ljibbe - since they are the main characters of the story!
Thank you for your answer and please consider the invitation for a visit in Alba Iulia and Abrud in 27-28 of April.
Best regards,

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