vrijdag 19 april 2013

Bericht uit Botosani

Cristian Dumbraveanu
08:45 (7 minuten geleden)
aan mij
Dear Mr. Maarten , 

 Jaap and Jan came and delivered the nice stuff you have sent. It was a very nice gift and will be of much use to the people in this area. 

I have already taken some to Hiliseu Horia to the people who are in the army camp. They were very happy for the nice packets they received.

All food is very welcomed and much needed and it is nice that at Easter time they will have food on the table and it will make the celebration nicer for them all. 

I have uploaded  some pictures on Picassa and here is the link . 

never the less, thank you for the nice trailer you have sent to us. Never had one before , and it will make traveling easier as I can put things in it as well when  we go to the villages. 

I will make as much pictures as I can , and will make some legal papers with the people who will receive packets and this way we can help a lot. 

Thank you  all the load, all the nice gifts, trailer and so many other. 

 Much appreciated and much needed . 

 thank you and your whole team . 

Cristi . 

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  1. Wat een dankbaarheid spreekt hieruit ! dank voor het delen van de foto's !!