dinsdag 17 december 2013

Bericht uit Alba Iulia

Dear Mr. Maarten,

Gekregen van de Noordse Balk Wormerveer
Last truck was a pleasant surprise for us, both because we did not expecting trucks in this period of the year, and because the chairs are high quality and very needed in all our centers. You sent us a lot of good things, even Wilhelm was amazed about the huge quantity that fitted in one truck. The conclusion was like usually that your volunteers are doing a hard job, but with great results. May God reward all of them, especially in this time of the year when the emotions are higher due to the proximity of Christmas.
I wish you all – all the best!


hier de link naar meer foto's.

hier de link naar foto's van Willem Twijnstra
Het lossen is altijd een feest voor de bewoners van het tehuis in Galda de Jos.

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