maandag 30 december 2013

Bericht uit Botosani, bekijk vooral de video

Dear Friends,

All of us at Casa Ioana can say that 2013 was a good year. And I can tell you why.

1. We are all together
Nice to be with those you love all year and end the ear with them. Maybe your family did not lost any members this year. That is something to be thankful. We are still together on earth and that is a gift from God. Some leave this place and in times like these we miss them most. If your family is complete and none is missing be thankful, some miss parents and they are thankful to look in the eyes of strangers and see a mother or a father in them. That is not easy.

2. We can count on each other
Life is not easy for any of us, and all of us need help. Even the strongest ones need help. What about the small and the weak ones? Much more. Help in life does not mean things or money or food or clothes. Help means most of the time LOVE and understanding and acceptance. Love can replace many things. If you do not have the warm coat, it will affect you outside. If you miss LOVE it will affect you inside, and that hurts more. If you have only a meal a day it will make you weak, but if you do not have LOVE you are dying soon. Supreme LOVE is in a Divine Person. 

3. We did not lose our hope
2013 was a good year, but not an easy one. Every year has challenges that seem impossible and situations that can make us lose hope and focus. Sure you had hard times in 2013, I did, my family did, my work did, my friends did, and everyone did. But, besides me it was my wife all the time, besides my children I was with my wife all the time. Who is besides the old one and alone and the small one and abandoned? Hope will stay if there is Someone to guarantee that hope. Hope needs to be promised by Someone. The old ones will have hope if Someone will be there, the small ones will not lose hope if Someone will hold their hand. The sick ones will get better if Someone will promise them health.
We at Casa Ioana ask God 3 things for 2014:
Stay with us!
Count on us!
Give us hope!

Have a blessed 2014!

Casa Ioana

Link naar een video van van Casa Ioana Botosani

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